Self Portrait

Artist statement

I chose this picture because it shows a dark side and a light side to myself. I feel that i have always been the light in the darkness because i always try to look at the positive side of things in life, I have always been able to help loved ones when they needed me most and i am a hero to them.  I have always had things to look forward to and i pray that i always will.  I spent a lot of time on this portrait and i am proud of the overall result.  Last semester i had used charcoal in a different class and i was not very fond of it, mainly because of how messy it can be.  However after taking the time to practice using charcoal more over time i like using charcoal now.  I grew fond of this project in the time i have worked on this project and many people helped me learn things about charcoal that are new to me.


Between classes I worked on drawing drawing paper flags in both class and outside of class, once curved and then creased.


Artist statement

Atmospheric perspective in my chair forms contrast, space and value range throughout my chair and its tone.  The exaggeration of my chair and its stripes has made it become a fainting couch, this brings a different aspect to my chair as exaggeration is something new to me.  I chose to exaggerate my chair because i was eager to try something new and different to me while drawing my chair.  After drawing my chair, exaggeration is something i will prefer to use in my future work.  My chairs stripes create movement that flows similar to a led screen that you would see on a highway.

About Me
I’m Ryan Williams, an artist currently majoring in Digital Media and Animation. Mediums i use for art consist of charcoal, pen/ink, pencil, photoshop, and illustrator.